Google Nexus S gets cold shoulder in South Korea

In what may be a blow to Google, the Nexus S Android phone hasn’t been picked up by any of the major telecommunication companies in South Korea – and some, for example SK Telecom, have stated that they are not planning to introduce the Nexus S to the public there anytime soon.

Speaking to the Korea Times, a senior spokesman for SK Telecom explained that the reason behind their reluctance was in part due to the tight control that Google is practising over its latest handset — especially over the local customization and marketing of the device. Other telecoms are said to have similar reservations.

As the country’s top carrier, getting the support from SK Telecom would be beneficial for Google, especially if they want to improve their presence in the region. However, for the time being, SK Telecom are not interested in adding the Nexus S to their lineup and are still waiting for Google to change its stance on overseas marketing.

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