January 25-28 ONLY: Get Aomei Partition Assistant Professional Edition 3.0 for free!

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Popular with computer geeks, programmers, and those people who like – or have good reason – to run multiple systems on the same computer, partitioning is a very useful trick for everyone to know. What is Partitioning, you wonder? Well, in the simplest possible terms, partitioning is a process by which a single hard drive can be split into multiple parts, or combined back into fewer parts, each of which can be made to use a defined amount of space on the drive, to allow you to organise the drive better. By splitting your drive like this, it’s possible to do things such as have one computer run two or more different systems (so you could have like two different flavours of Windows, or one Windows and one Linux or MacOS, etc), or you can make it so that one part of the drive is the main system and the other is personal files… there are many possible uses.

For a limited time, a company called Aomei Technology is offering one of their star programs, Aomei Partition Assistant Professional Edition, for anyone to download – completely free! This program is, as the name suggests, a Partition Management software. You can use it to create, move, resize and delete partitions, change the “format” of each partition, and several other features. There are also two new features just in to the latest version – Disk Copy and Partition Copy. These allow to copy a whole partition to another partition or another drive; or even copy an entire drive to another location – this could come in very useful for keeping backups in case a partition or drive starts to fail, which can happen with age. Here’s what the program looks like (click to enlarge):

Screenshot of Aomei Partition Manager Professional Edition 3.0's main interface

Aomei Partition Manager Professional Edition 3.0 Main Interface

I had opportunity to test the version being given away – which is the latest 3.0 release – and one thing that hits me is that the program bears quite a strong resemblance to EASEUS Partition Manager Professional Edition, in both look and functionality. EPMP is another Partition Management software, but made by another company, CHENGDU YIWO Corp, who are well-known for their disk management and backup solutions. When I asked about this, I received this response from Aomei:

CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd. and we are both specialized in disk management field. And we have held programs for quite a long time. Partition Assistant especially designed for helping users solve their daily partition problems, it also gains the highly praise since it released half a year ago. And we are always doing our utmost to add the complete features to meet the users’ demands (this time is upgrade from 2.6 to 3.0, the two added features are disk copy and partition copy. Furthermore, the interface is also changed for the fresh feelings).

I am not entirely sure what to take from this answer. All I can say is, if you have EASEUS Partition Manager already, you probably won’t find much use for this program – but if you don’t, and don’t want to shell out the cash to buy it, Aomei Partition Assistant is worth a look. APA’s interface isn’t a total rip-off, though, and does differ in some small ways – for example, there is less indication of the format of each partition in the main interface, and there is an overall cleaner look to it than EASEUS.

As for using the program, Aomei Partition Assistant is very simple to use, with all the program’s features available to you from the start and easily found, and every feature being as easily described as can be for this kind of program. Resizing a partition, for example, is as simple as dragging the edge of the box at the top of the screen for the partition you want to change the size of, and dragging it until it’s the size you want it to be (keep in mind partitions can never be smaller than the amount of data already in them, or larger than the total size of the drive). A click of the Apply button then saves the changes. The amount of time it takes to do a resize, copy, delete, make new partition etc. varies with the size of the change being made and your computer’s performance, and can take several hours, so don’t expect a quick job. I wasn’t able to compare Aomei’s speed to other partition managers in the time I have available, but it seemed to be a good pace from the limited testing I managed.

Aomei is also very safe, and won’t make any changes to your computer until you confirm them with the Apply button – and if you decide you don’t want to make a change, the Discard button will throw it away for you. This isn’t really anything new – both EASEUS and Paragon have had similar features in a number of their products for ages – but it is certainly useful.

Aomei Partition Assistant Professional Edition is normally $29, but with this Giveaway everyone can get it for free as long as they have a valid email address. To take advantage of this Giveaway, follow these steps:

  • Version being given away: 3.0
    • Free Updates: Aomei would like to offer free upgrades to all future updates to anyone who is willing to send them feedback about the software or help promote it. Read the “Promotion Plan” on the Giveaway page for more information.
  • Licence Restrictions: No Additional Restrictions.
  1. Between January 25-28, visit the promotion page: http://www.extend-partition.com/giveaway/partition-assistant.html
  2. Scroll down the page until you see a form to fill in – it should look something like this:
    Look for where it says "The offer is for a limited time, from 01/25/2011 ~ 01/28/2011.  Please fill your email to the following form and click the Submit, and then the Giveaway Edition download link will be sent to you automatically."

    Look for this form... (click to enlarge)

  3. Fill in your email address in the box, and click Submit. You should be taken to a page confirming the form was sent.
  4. Check the inbox of the email address you used, and look for an email from support@aomeitech.com, subject Aomei Giveaway: Partition Assistant Professional Edition. It may take up to 10 minutes to arrive.
  5. In the email, you will find a download link to the actual program. Then just click it, and begin downloading!

If you have any problems with the Giveaway, post here or on the Forums and I will try to help out.

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3 Responses

  1. thanks to your news I am searching a secure software to solve my low disk problem, it seems a nice product I will try it, you know to resize system partition is a high risk work.

    • Indeed. You have to be careful when managing partitions – you CAN screw up your computer if you manage them badly. But if you know what you’re doing, it’s a very useful trick to take advantage of.

      What are your thoughts on Aomei Partition Assistant so far?

      • You informed us a value opinion. Actually, I was found disk utility for a long time for settling the often pop out alert about the running low disk space; fortunately, I found it through this Aomeitech Giveaway activity. After use it, it deserves A++ and 5 stars.