Easily copy special symbols/characters and paste them anywhere you like with CopyPasteCharacter.com!

Languages around the world are full of special symbols, such as (¥@√Ω) and many more; and there are also picture symbols that get commonly used on occasion, such as ☺☹☃ and so forth. No doubt, you’ll probably now and then find a use or need for many of these special symbols. Trouble is, many of these special characters and symbols are often hard to type with a normal keyboard, requiring users to know the trick involved with each one. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way to make it easier to type less common symbols?

CopyPasteCharacter is a website that does just that. Users can copy special characters/symbols from the site to Windows clipboard, after which users can paste the characters/symbols wherever they like. Do take note, though, many of characters/symbols will only work where Unicode is supported.

It’s very simple: You visit the website, which presents you with a set of symbols you can use. Click on the character/symbol you want to use, and then all you need to do is, go to where ever you want to use it, Paste, and you’re done! You can even copy multiple characters at one time, by holding the Alt key on their keyboard and clicking on multiple characters/symbols; all characters and symbols clicked on while holding the Alt key are copied to Windows clipboard together.

These are all the characters/symbols CopyPasteCharacter supports so far:
List of characters supported by CopyPasteCharacter.com

I say “so far” because I believe that the set is clearly begging for expansion, although there is nothing to suggest new symbols may be added in the future – I hope so though.

Furthermore, users that decide they no longer want the copied character(s)/symbol(s), can clear Windows clipboard by clicking on Clear, at the top bar. The special characters/symbols can be also copied in their HTML format, for website owners using software that doesn’t natively support Unicode. Users that want the HTML format need to click on As HTML in the top bar. Clicking on As Text gets you back to text format.

There is also an iPhone app for CopyPasteCharacter available from iTunes, for you iPhone users. I don’t know if it’s a free app or not, as Apple won’t let you check out apps on a computer without downloading iTunes, and I refuse to own any Apple iProduct (but I’ll go into that another time).

CopyPasteCharacter uses Flash to facilitate the whole “copying to clipboard” thing, so it will work in any browser and device that uses Flash, and does not have it disabled (NoScript users may have to allow CopyPasteCharacter.com for it to work correctly). You can access CopyPasteCharacter from the following link:

CopyPasteCharacter homepage

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