It’s been a hectic week…

Sorry to everyone who’s noticed that I’ve made very few contributions to Technically Motivated over the past week or so.

During Christmas, I decided to stay over with my extended family a little further away, and we got into such a festive spirit that I quite frankly did not have time for TM while I was there. Then, when I finally left to return home a few days later, I was hit by a bad dose of seasonal flu and was left bedridden, and even using a laptop gave me a bad headache. So I’ve been away from the net almost entirely while I recovered – luckily I seem to be over the worst of it now.

I have found some time to work on TM behind the scenes though – pruning spam comments (of which there have been close to 1600 up to now – which begs one question, why so much attention?), upgrading the software and plugins that help to make TM up to the latest releases, and fixing up some glitches – in particular you’ll notice most of the pages work correctly now.

I’ll get back to posting my regular fix of content shortly, so don’t worry about me or the blog. Just keep your eyes peeled! Oh, and since I don’t know if I’ll be awake by Midnight, I’d like to wish everyone an early Happy New Year.

One last thing. I’m also looking for additional writers who may like to add their own articles to the blog – I’m particularly looking for extra reviewers, or people who are good at writing Useful Tips, or Tutorial posts. If you think you’re up for it, use the contact form to send me a sample article, and maybe we’ll take it from there. Remember, Technically Motivated is as much your blog as it is mine!

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