Google Nexus S release delayed to Wednesday, but launch prices have been cut!

Google’s Nexus S smartphone’s official release has been pushed back to Wednesday, two days later than previously announced. But the delay comes with a £120 price cut for people who buy Pay As You Go rather than settle for the fixed contract. In addition, those buying the fixed monthly contract now only pay £30 a month, rather than the previously announced £35, although this is still significantly higher than the £20 a month average for other phones.

With no real explanation for either the delay or the price cut, Google said the Nexus S will now be available free with a £30 per month contract, or on pay as you go for £429.99, plus £10 minimum top up from O2, Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile. The PAYG SIM-free price had been £549.99.

The handset has been available for pre-order since 6 December; and Carphone Warehouse has now confirmed that all customers who have already pre-ordered Nexus S will be able to benefit from the new offer. If you HAVEN’T pre-ordered yet and want the phone, you should act fast as almost every store is claiming a limited supply, and many stores claim they may already be understocked on phones to satisfy demand – although it isn’t uncommon for stores to make such claims simply to drive more customers to their stores on the day.

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