Google: “300,000 Android phones activated daily”

According to a tweet last night made by Google’s engineering vice president, Andy Rubin (@arubin), Google lately has detected that 300,000 smartphones running on Google-backed Android software are being activated daily. This is 50% more than a few months ago when the number was being reported as closer to 200,000 – indicating Android smartphones are quickly gaining market momentum.

And the momentum is set to increase, with the release next week of a new champion on the mobile phone market battlefield, made by South Korea’s Samsung. Dubbed the Nexus S and the direct successor to the Nexus One launched about a year earlier, this new phone will be the first smart-phone on the market powered by the latest version of Android mobile software, version 2.3, also known by its code-name “Gingerbread.”

At the time of writing, I was not able to find out how this compares to other phone platforms. In particular, Apple seems notorious for me for not releasing any kind of number at all for the amount of activations they received, beyond a statement from AT&T claiming that iPhone 3GS were activated a total of 1.9 million times throughout 2009.

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