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Updated: In a previous edition of this post, I forgot to include the features list for WashAndGo 2009, and also some images were broken. This has now been corrected – sorry!

Secure File Erasing Tools are seemingly ten-a-penny these days, and over my time in Technically Motivated I’ve covered two such tools already – Heidi’s Eraser, which is freeware and my personal favourite, and the commercial O&O SafeErase, which is very competent and comprehensive Erasing tool. If you still aren’t clued up on what Secure Erasers are or why you may need them, check out my post on why deleting a file often isn’t enough.

WashAndGo 2009 is another commercial secure file erasing tool, but one that provides more than just file/folder secure deletion capabilities; WashAndGo 2009 allows users to clean temporary files, clean browser data, clean application data, etc. Interestingly enough, it even has a file unlocker and program uninstaller. Here is a description of all the features, as per the developer:

Click image to enlarge.

(If image doesn’t load, you can also go to to see the full feature list.)

The latest version of WashAndGo (2010) would cost you €29.95 for a licensed copy; but if you don’t mind settling for a version that’s a little behind the times, for a limited time (there are no details on how long this promotion will be live) you can get WashAndGo 2009 free! (The exact version number, for you geeks out there, is 2009 Build 11.5.0 Settings 1.0) It works on Windows XP, Vista and 7, and takes up 17.9 MB of space to download the installer.

Now unlike the other Erasers, I’ve never actually tried WashAndGo myself, so I can’t say how good it is or exactly how it works – All the information about the program in this post is based on the information provided on the developer’s website. So please don’t take this post as an endorsement of this program – it certainly isn’t intended to be.

Anyhow, to get WashAndGo 2009 completely free, follow these simple directions:

  • Visit the promotion page and download WashAndGo 2009. Look for this link and click it to begin downloading:
Click where it says "Jezet WashAndGo 2009 als..." to download the program.

Click on the link marked above on the Promo page

  • After the download has finished, install WashAndGo 2009.
  • After installation has finished, run WashAndGo 2009.

Now, when you run WashAndGo, you’ll be presented with a registration screen. Rather unusually, you use the same form both to register the software, and to confirm the registration (most giveaways put them on separate screens). Anyway:

  • Now, you need to fill in the top half of the form, and click the “Get free unlock code now” button. Note that you must enter a valid email address to receive the code.
  • Now, check the inbox of the email account you registered with. There should be an e-mail from Abelssoft with the subject of Abelssoft: Your unlock code. In the e-mail you will find the unlock code you need to register WashAndGo 2009.
  • Now, go back to WashAndGo 2009 and, at the bottom of the form, enter in the unlock code where it says “Unlock code”, and click “Unlock now”.
  • If you get a message saying “Thanks a lot. You may now use this software”, you’re done!

Enjoy your new-found peace of mind!

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