Twitterers Speak Out In Support Of Bomb Joker

Remember the case of Paul Chambers, the Twitter user who got jailed for posting a joke tweet inferring he wanted to blow up Robin Hood airport? Following a failed appeal against his conviction earlier this week, Outraged Twitter users have spoken out in support of him.

Chambers, who was labelled a “menace” in court, originally tweeted: “Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!” as a joke but has since lost his job and been fined £1,000 for the tweet.

Since the verdict, however, Twitter users angry at the decision have created a hash tag, #twitterjoketrial, to show their support for him – and it has quickly become one of the most trending topics worldwide, even getting Celebrity tweeters involved.

Twitter superstar Stephen Fry yesterday tweeted Chambers reiterating his support, saying: “The Offer Still Stands. Whatever they fine you, I’ll pay.” Other famous users also spoke out, with David Mitchell describing the fine as “punishment for flippancy” and Dara O’Briain calling it “ludicrous”.

Users have also set up a donation fund to help Chambers to pay his legal costs, which reportedly received £2,000 worth of donations in less than an hour.

Twitterers have also started reposting the offending tweet with the hash tag #iamspartacus as a sign of solidarity and protest.

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