Sorry for the downtime!

An issue with the servers of the company that runs the server hosting Technically Motivated, caused not only mine, but also hundreds of other websites to disappear off the net entirely last night for a 24 hour period. The hosts are resolving the problem, and all the sites have been restored to the net, but there may still be occasional disruptions.

Technically Motivated is back up and running now, as you can plainly see, but there may be some issues – I just had to fix one of the add-ons on the site, for example – and because disruptions are still likely, you may find our site going down at random moments for the next few days. Just to be on the safe side, I’ve made full backups of everything in TM, so everything up to now is safe, but there is always a chance newer content could go missing.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope everything is back to normal very soon!

Update: Just finished updating some stuff on the site that somehow managed to roll back to an earlier version. Sorry for any disruptions you may have experienced while this was going on!

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