Small but useful updates to TM

Lately I’ve been doing a few subtle updates to Technically Motivated lately to make the site a little better.

One of the things I want to do is to try to make this site accessible to everyone, and not discriminate against those who have disabilities. Obviously, this is a job that’s easier said than done, but I’ll give it a good try anyway. To show my dedication to this, two weeks ago I added the “Accessibility Options” panel to the right menu. Right now, I only have been able to add one option on this panel – the ability to change the font size for the majority of the content, to allow it to be more readable for those who find small test uncomfortable or even unreadable. More will come soon as I figure out ways to do more.

In addition, earlier this week – in response to continual comments about parts of the site not showing correctly in some people’s browsers – I have added a link underneath the Font Size Select, called Troubleshoot a Site or Forum Issue“. This will take you to the Site/Forum Troubleshooting section of the Technically Motivated Forums, where you can then post reporting any issues you may have with the website or Forums in order to get help with dealing with them. This Forum is also open to guests, so you don’t have to be registered in order to report an issue – this is to allow me to deal with as many people’s problems as I can, without putting artificial barriers in people’s ways. Of course, Guests will have slightly limited features compared to registered members, but this is mainly for security reasons and to prevent misuse of the Forums, and shouldn’t really make a significant difference for this use. Of course, if you have a serious issue with the website you think needs to be dealt with privately, or you can’t use the Forums for some reason, you can always contact me directly about it.

The final change is a small one, but last night, I officially gave Technically Motivated a simple icon to represent the site. Check the address bar to see it – you may need to clear your cache on some older browsers. I feel having an icon – even a simple one like this one – gives a site a bit more of a personality – not to mention it’s easier to pick out in your favourites if you have a few of them.

Do feel free to leave comments about the changes if you so desire.

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