New server and new address – but it’s still the same old TM!

It appears that the problems mentioned earlier this week with the Server Provider that caused TM to have the 24 hour downtime, were just the start of my troubles. For some reason, the host completely bugged out, and suspended the account used by both Technically Motivated and a number of other websites because it wrongly believed we did not have permission to create subdomains. And before then, there had been significant bouts of unexplained downtime. This was unacceptable to all of us.

So! We’re pleased to announce that Technically Motivated has now moved to a totally new Server Provider and to totally new servers! These new guys have a 99.9% uptime guarantee and fantastic support, which means that we should never see TM go down for long periods any more, and if it does it should be quick to get the problem solved. What’s more, our new server is faster, more stable, and has higher memory limits than our old one, meaning everything should now be working faster and smoother for Technically Motivated and all its users. I think you’ll agree this is really beneficial!

Everything’s been moved over to the new server with no difficulties, so you should find everything is still the way it was before the move – and you’ll still have the same accounts with everything still on it. So you can rest assured you’re safe in that regard.

I’m also pleased to announce that I just managed to secure a domain name for the blog, meaning that the blog is now available at the new address of! We hope this domain makes us easier to find and easier to share and link to. As you can see, we’ve also tweaked the Title Bar for our site to mention the new address 🙂

But no matter how much changes, some things always stay the same. So you can still expect many more great articles from this site in the upcoming future, including the latest Tech News, Software Reviews, and useful Tips & Tricks for making your life with Technology better – like my latest article about How to Avoid the (rather disliked by many) Windows Live Messenger 2011 upgrade. The Forum is still open too, and should now work even better due to the memory boosts allowing them to do more at once; and I always encourage your contributions across the site.

Signing off for now. Enjoy the Site, folks!

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