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If you’re a long-time visitor to Technically Motivated, you may remember that one of the first posts I made on the blog was a discussion about what “deleting” a file on a computer actually does, in which I made clear that the only real way to get rid of files permanently was through use of a Secure Erasing tool. If you’re a slightly less long-time visitor, you may remember my review of Eraser, which is one such tool that is available for free on the net, and one of my personal favourites. But there are other tools available out there as well, and I think it’s time to discuss another.

O&O SafeErase 4 Interface

And here's what it looks like

O&O SafeErase 4 is a program that allows users to securely delete data on their computers. O&O SafeErase 4’s secure deletion capabilities includes the ability to securely delete data, files, Internet browser data, Windows temporary files, partitions/hard drives, and even whole computers. Here is the official description of the program along with a list of important features (as per the developer):

When you sell, destroy or return your old computer to the leasing firm, did you know that the data on it is almost never fully deleted? Even when hard disks are formatted, anyone can take ordinary data recovery software and easily get hold of things like your customer data, construction plans or your passwords. The fact is: data deleted in Windows is easily recovered again.

So what to do? Well, with O&O SafeErase, you can securely delete individual folders as well as entire computers, using internationally recognized and recommended methods, so that it is never capable of being accessed again. Some of these techniques are being employed by the U. S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the German Department for Security in Information Technology (BSI). That’s how safe it is.

O&O SafeErase also protects your privacy. Every time you surf the net, traces of your activities are left in the history, including sites visited and your profile. Data spies or identity thieves are masters in following these traces and assuming your identity or accessing your bank or credit card. One click with O&O SafeErase securely deletes all these traces too. The ultimate protection, made easy for you.

Important Features at a Glance

NEW: Internet Security: securely delete Browser data
NEW: Pre-defined and individual deletion profiles
NEW: Various settings for secure deletion
NEW: Detailed reports on deletion procedures
NEW: Overwriting with zeros (for very fast deletion)
NEW: Supports multi-core processors
NEW: Clear user interface showing main functions
Secure deletion of files and partitions
Secure deletion of entire computers without Boot media
Secure moving of files and directories
Six methods for securely deleting your confidential data
Complete integration in Windows Explorer

Now, unlike Eraser which is Freeware, O&O SafeErase is actually a commercial program, which you usually have to purchase licences for to use – with a single PC licence costing $29.95 USD (roughly £19.20, or €22.61 at current exchange rates), although you can buy 3-PC licences for a discount. However, thanks to a promotion being run by O&O Software, it is currently possible to obtain single PC licences for free! Yes, you read right!

The version being given away is O&O SafeErase 4, which is the latest product from O&O Software. It supports Windows 2000 and higher computers, and requires free disk space of 29 MB for the 32-bit version and 52 MB for the 64-bit version. So how do you get a free licence, then? Just follow these simple directions:

  • Visit the O&O SafeErase 4 promotion page and enter your e-mail address:

    This is the form you have to fill in.

    If you do it properly, you will get a confirmation message.

  • Check the inbox of the e-mail address you entered. There should be an e-mail from O&O Software ( with the subject of Your free license of O&O SafeErase 4?. In the e-mail you will find registration information for SafeErase 4, which should look something like this:
  • O&O SafeErase 4 Registration Details

  • Download (32-bit version | 64-bit version) and install O&O SafeErase 4.
  • After installation run O&O SafeErase 4 and register it. Follow these screenshots to help you through registration if you don’t know what to do:
Enter Your Registration Code

When asked "What action would you like to run?", choose "Enter your registration code", and click Next.

The O&O SafeErase 4 Registration Form

You'll then be asked to enter your registration details. Fill this part in with the same information you got in the email, and click Next.

The licence for O&O SafeErase 4 has been recognised.

If you did this all correctly, you should now see a screen like this one. This tells you the licence was recognised, and gives details about the licence. Make sure they're okay, and then click Next.

Remember: You may only use one licence per computer – so if you have more than one, register more than once to get different codes. (You may need to use different email addresses)

Now when you get to the last part of the installer, you may be asked to give an email address, to register the product and receive information about future products, as well as any deals on new products or updates. Whether you do this is up to you – it is not required, so you can just press Next past it if you don’t want to. You will get a message asking if you are sure you don’t want to register, but if you click Yes it will not nag you again.

There you have it – you’ve just bagged yourself a free copy of O&O SafeErase 4, completely legit! We’re not sure if the licence will entitle you to future updates, but at the very least, you’ll have a good program in your hands, which you can taste as much of without ever having to pay a penny.

Thanks to all of my friends for making me aware of this giveaway!

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