Facebook’s mobile platform – the details

Facebook’s mobile platform has three parts – single sign on, location API and deals. And contrary to many people’s beliefs, they’re focusing on doing software with the new platform, and have no intention to make their own phone (as Mark Zuckerberg himself stated, live on stage, at the Facebook mobile event earlier today).

Now you can use one login for all your mobile sites – meaning, you log into Facebook, and then Facebook will handle your “logging in” to other sites through their APIs. There’s also deals, which takes advantage of your Facebook single sign on for authentication, as well as location APIs. So what’s that mean? You can see where you friends are, write and publish checkins, and search for relevant places. Mostly only cool for developers, but, it allows apps to do more things.

In theory, it seems Facebook’s new mobile approach may give them a lot of clout on the mobile internet, and in mobile applications. In reality, it really will depend how well Facebook can execute their new mobile platform. And judging by current complaints by many Facebook developers that the site does not know how to make decent, working APIs, it’s probably not a good idea to get your hopes up just yet.

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