Yahoo Mimics Facebook Connect With “Y Connect”

Yahoo will soon launch a service called “Y Connect” with features very similar to those of Facebook Connect — portable identity management, integrating Yahoo content on third-party websites, and sharing data about what you’re doing and where with your Yahoo contacts.

The service will share info with your contacts through Yahoo Pulse, the Threadsy-like activity stream that Yahoo launched to compete with Google Buzz and other social offerings about four months ago. Y Connect will help advertisers track user activity and interests much like Facebook Connect and Open Graph do – sadly, not much else is known.

According to a source cited by (of all newspapers) Wall Street Journal, Y Connect will be “formally announced” later this Autumn. Yahoo’s been struggling as of late, so additional traffic is critical at this juncture. The web portal recently revamped its search features, but rumor has it that it’s fighting off an acquisition attempt by AOL of all companies.

Y Connect immediately puts a question into my head, though: Considering that Yahoo spent all that money on an advertising campaign a while ago, explaining how Yahoo products try to tap into people’s individuality, which they highlighted with a new slogan “It’s Y!ou” (which I thought was actually quite good, but many critics say was dreadful), why did Yahoo decide not to take advantage of that campaign and call this service Y!ou Connect or something similar – it just seems to have been begging for them to take that direction. Then again, maybe all those critics calling it a “disaster of an ad campaign” convinced Yahoo to quickly abandon it and they now no longer acknowledge it ever happened. Eh…

And now the question everyone in the News is asking: Will Y Connect help Yahoo revitalize? Time will tell, but feel free to share your thoughts and predictions in the comments.

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