Welcome to our new server!

If you are reading this message, you have successfully reached our brand new server. Welcome! This server is faster, more stable and a lot less restrictive than our old one, which should offer a better experience all around to our users. And don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything different to enjoy this site to the full – it’s still the same as it always was, but better! The only thing that’s changed is that if you had posted any comments on our site before today, they are no longer here. Sorry about that! However, any new comments from now on will be kept hopefully for good, so don’t be afraid to leave comments on anything that interests you!

While I was moving the site, I decided to add a new feature into it which I just put live – Sharing Options! Now, you can retweet any post, or “like it”, simply by clicking the appropriate banner; or click any of the range of buttons to share the posts via email, Buzz, Bebo, MySpace, Blogger and more, as well as save it straight to your Google Bookmarks. Because a good thing shouldn’t just be kept to yourself, right?

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