Rovio claims Microsoft ‘jumped the gun’ – developer has no plans to release Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7

Software developers make or break a platform, as Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer once famously stressed, but a new website designed to promote the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform has angered a mildly important one of them. Rovio Mobile, developer of the wildly popular Angry Birds game for iPhone, Android and webOS, tweets that it’s presently ‘not committed’ to bring the game to Windows Phone, and that an icon for the game is being used in Microsoft marketing completely without permission.

While it’s possible this is just some sort of mix-up and Rovio just wanted to make its own announcement (“nothing to do with if we do or don’t, it’s just that we decide that ourselves,” the company added in a later tweet), it wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft’s engaged in shady business to inflate its new app store – a while ago, it was reported that Microsoft was luring iPhone developers with cash incentives to get them to port their apps to Windows Phone 7.

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