Layout bug fixed

Earlier in the month, I mentioned that I had discovered a bug whereby part of the left side of every page on Technically Motivated was being cut off, including any post text that appeared there, and could not be seen. I originally noticed this bug on Firefox when used on a small screen display, as well as on the Wii Internet Channel; but I later got reports of it happening on practically every platform.

I have traced the bug to a badly-coded margin declaration in the CSS file used in the Theme currently used by TM. Without getting in to too much detail, basically the CSS was coded to work out 50% of the current size of the window, then set the left margin to be 620 pixels before that point. This meant if your screen resolution was less than 1240 pixels wide, a part of he left margin would get cut off. It also meant really large screens may find the left margin to be out of proportion to the right.

I changed the CSS and now the bug sold hopefully be fixed, so if you still have problems with the site layout, try clearing your cache and refreshing – and if that doesn’t help, please report the problem to me in the Comments or via the Contact form.

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