Here’s a gift to you all for your patience.

Technically Motivated is back online after a roughly 16-hour Maintenance. Thanks for everyone’s patience! But anyway, you knew that already. Now, what you may recall is that before the Maintenance even begun, I pre-warned everyone about it, and stated that the downtime was “to fix bugs and install new features”. So you may be wondering, just what’s been changed? Well, I’ll take you through it.

First of all, I fixed a bug with the top navigational links, that meant some links were leading to the wrong pages or causing “What you are looking for does not seem to exist” errors. You should now find that all the links work correctly now, or at least that they all lead to the right pages. And it’s just as well, because as you can see, there’s a lot more links up there. I’ve added pages to cover the final two categories currently used within the Blog that weren’t linked to, so every part of the site should now be covered by the top bar. Let’s hope I won’t have to add more any time soon, because I don’t want it getting too wide to fit the screen – it’s already hit the limit for a typical 1280px screen! But hey, at least you’ll find it easy to get around the entire website now; and it does show off just how much there is to see – an amount that’s always increasing day by day 😉

But the REAL headline of the latest updates to Technically Motivated, is that I’ve just installed and set-up a Forum! So now, everyone on Technically Motivated can start public conversations about anything, and we can all communicate with one another away from the main bulk of the website. It’s also a great place to go for support if you have a Tech-related problem we haven’t covered on the site yet, or if the site itself is giving you trouble. And some parts of the Forum are even open to non-registered guests, so don’t think you’ll be forced to register to contribute there – although you will find that if you ARE registered and logged in, you’ll have a lot more options available to you, and there will be more areas you can post in. Also, Guests can’t use Private Messaging. Oh yes, that’s another thing – the new Forums also come with Private Messaging, so as well as talking publicly, you can also hold private conversations with just a few friends. Private Messages are currently limited to a minimum of two and a maximum of ten people in a conversation (including yourself), and you can store up to 100 messages at a time – these limits are to conserve space on our server until we know if we can handle more.

With these new updates, everyone on Technically Motivated should find it easier to get around the website and find more opportunities to contribute with both myself and each other throughout the website. Hope you enjoy the new changes!

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