Google Android 3 “expected soon”

It’s been reported by numerous sources that Google is apparently planning to launch the next version of Android, codenamed Gingerbread and reportedly version-numbered as Android 3.0, by the third week of Oct 2010.

Currently the most up-to-date Android release in general circulation is Froyo or 2.2, which was released in May 2010. But many of the mobile phone and tablet manufactures still use Android 2.0 on their devices. Gingerbread is expected to have more advanced features which will be more welcome to these manufacturers, and will supposedly be more tablet friendly.

One feature that is being touted as being introduced with Android 3.0 is Video Chat, although it’s not confirmed if this will actually be a feature included with the phone at the time of release. In this regard, Andy Rubin, Google’s vice president of engineering, had this to say: “We support video chat today with Google Talk Video. It works on the desktop. Whether that can be re-purposed and made appropriate for sipping bandwidth for mobile, it’s an exercise that’s under way.”

Here’s a list of expected new features on Android 3.0 / Gingerbread:

  • Support for WebM video playback
  • Improved copy–paste functionalities
  • Improved social networking features
  • Android Market music store
  • Media streaming from PC library
  • Revamped UI
  • Support for bigger screens
  • New 3D Games support
  • Support for video calls
  • Support for WebP image files
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