Confirmed: Facebook testing Updates to their Commenting System

Update: Facebook has now confirmed this rumour as genuine, hence why this post has been moved from Tech Rumours to Tech News. Read on for the statement by Facebook.

Facebook is updating its commenting system with a slew of very important features, including threaded comments, voting and a couple of others. The source of this rumour is a supposed screenshot showing these features in action – however, it is not known where the screenshot originated or if it is genuine. It is possible, however, that Facebook may be testing the new features on a small subset of users, as it often does.

Threaded comments? Voting comments up and down? Could this be for real?

Does this "screenshot" reveal upcoming updates to Facebook's Commenting System?

Update: Sure enough, Facebook today confirmed that they are testing out some significant updates on their own blogs, and promises that they’ll have more to share shortly. Here’s Facebook’s full statement:

We’re currently testing a new comments plugin on the Facebook Blog and Facebook Developer Blog that incorporates feedback from users and developers and features around authenticity, social relevance, ranking, and distribution. We’ll have more to share in the coming weeks.

The new features have the power to transform Facebook’s commenting platform – which is currently a very simple affair – into something far more advanced.

Multi-Threaded comments are a great addition; this feature has been abundant in Forums and many News site’s commenting systems for some time now, with many blogs lately entering the fray too. The ability to see some extra info about the user that left a comment, including his comment count, is obviously quite useful, too.

But the really big news is the voting system, which gives users the ability to rate a comment positively or negatively – a familiar system to many, I’m sure. The votes result in a comment rating, which can be really useful if Facebook plans to introduce a comment moderation system based on the ratings later on.

What do you think about seeing these features added to the Facebook commenting system? Please, share your opinion in the comments.

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