Desire HD and Desire Z Get Delayed – Did They Fail Google’s Testing?

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation announced last month the near launch of two new mobile phones running under Google’s Android operating system, namely the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z, both of which were expected to land on European store shelves sometime in mid-October. However, it now appears that the launch has been delayed, and they might not make it on the market until the end of the month.

Now, rumours are being spread that the reason for the delays is due to both handsets failing Google Type Approval testing, requiring them to make a change to the phones and resubmit them in order to receive a green light for release. Here’s what Superetrader, a UK retailer, states on the matter: “Apparently, both units have failed last minute Google TA (Type Approval) testing which is exactly what was said about the original Desire days before release.”

Of course, no official explanation has been given for the delay as of yet, nor has the above report been confirmed, so this should be treated merely as a rumour until things are clarified – though as is often the case in the Tech World, there are great chances that the claims will prove real in the end.

The Asian market is supposedly unaffected by the delays so far, since the two mobile phones won’t arrive in Asian countries until November, as HTC announced officially on Friday.

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