SpywareBlaster has been updated to v4.4

SpywareBlaster is a popular tool for protecting your computer against the various nasties that lurk on the internet, ready to spread to and cause havoc on your computer. Unlike Malware Scanners, which clean and protect you from existing infections, SpywareBlaster is designed to prevent new Malware infections from ever getting installed from the moment it’s active. As Javacool Software, the parent company of the software, explain it:

SpywareBlaster focuses on prevention and protection. Removal deals with threats after they’ve already had a chance to wreak havoc and compromise your data. There are plenty of freely-available spyware removal tools. But few of them do anything to help keep your system secure. That’s why we initially released SpywareBlaster, and that’s why we’ve continued to strengthen its already powerful protection – to stop potentially unwanted software before it has a chance to get on your machine.

Recently, JavaCool Software updated the entire software package, bumping up its version number to 4.4. Those who have an older version should already have been notified to download the new version from the website, but if you haven’t been yet and didn’t know, or just needed a reminder, then I thought I’d just post this to remind you. Unfortunately JavaCool doesn’t post changelogs for its software, so I don’t actually know what the new version brings.

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