Google adds a second verification layer to Google Apps

In a blog post posted today, Dave Girouard – the president of Google Enterprise – stated that the company will soon offer the ability to edit Google Docs documents on Android devices and the Apple iPad.

Little information was given about the additional editing capability in the blog post, which instead seemed more focused on the news that more than 3 million businesses have “gone Google,” a term Google has coined for those using Google hosted services. However, reports suggest the technology may be predicated on DocVerse, which Google bought in March.

DocVerse allows users of PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents to collaborate and save them to the cloud, as well as chat with the collaborators, and many other features. Although DocVerse originally provided up to 1 GB of free storage, with any additional files costing $0.25 per GB per year, the service would presumably be rolled into the Google Apps Premier Edition fee, or $50 per user per year.

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