Avast! Antivirus gets into the spirit of Talk Like a Pirate Day with opt-in “Pirate English” language pack

Security vendor Avast! takes a cue from its own name and a slightly aged Internet meme to bring you a pirate-themed approach to home computer protection.

Since last night, Avast has been preparing to celebrate the international “Talk Like a Pirate Day” that comes every year on September 19. Users using Avast! will at some point receive a prompt from the program telling them about Talk Like a Pirate Day and give them the option to install a special “Pirate English” language pack. This tongue-in-cheek new feature rebrands four of the main screens in Avast!’s user interface to use Pirate Speak for people who opt in to the feature through September 22.

The changes are actually quite minimal, but somewhat humorous. A skull-and-crossbones is added to the avast! logo, and the “Secured” text to confirm that the program is working correctly changes to say “Ship-Shape”, also stating, “Yer ship be secure.” Menu options are also renamed to a more pirate-y theme, with the Scan options being renamed “Scour the Ship”, the Virus Chest becomes the “Dead-man’s chest”, and so on. If you like a little bit of pirate humour, then you’ll like this new feature.

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