Intel Buys McAfee. Yes, you read right.

Just a few hours ago I saw this headline appear in the news. Since it’s attracted some interest in tech circles I’m a part of, I thought I’d repost it myself.

(This post was updated 20:35 BST with updated information about the deal. I’d like to thank The Register for their report of the news, which acted as the main source for these updates)

Intel has announced it is buying software-security company McAfee. The chip maker has offered $48 a share in cash for the anti-virus firm, a 62 per cent premium of McAfee’s Wednesday closing price of $29.93 a share. The total value of the acquisition, $7.68 billion, is the largest deal in the history of chip maker Intel, which says it wants to build security more broadly into computer hardware. Both boards of directors have approved the deal, but McAfee shareholder approval and regulatory approval is still required for it to complete.

Intel said the deal signalled its decision to put security on par with energy-efficient performance and internet connectivity as a strategic focus area. “Today’s security approach does not fully address the billions of new Internet-ready devices connecting, including mobile and wireless devices, TVs, cars, medical devices and ATM machines as well as the accompanying surge in cyber threats,” it said in a statement published on MarketWatch.

I’m intrigued – One of the best Processor Manufacturers purchasing a company famous for producing what is universally agreed to be the WORST Security Suite in the world… could Intel change that reputation, or will it bring them down? I’m very interested to see how this plays out. But what of you people? Share your opinions in the Comments!

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