Welcome to Technically Motivated!

I’m Techie Jinji, the owner of Technically Motivated, and I’d like to formerly welcome you as one of the first visitors to my brand new site. Since you’re probably wondering what such an empty site could be good for right now, let me explain what Technically Motivated is going to be all about.

Technically Motivated is a brand new blog focused on Computers and Technology. The aim of Technically Motivated is to create a wide variety of articles discussing various technological advances around the world: from new and updated software; to useful utilities that anyone will find useful; to new hardware like smartphones – if it’s Tech, I hope to cover it. Along the way I’ll also be looking out for special stuff you might like to know about too, such as freebies. My aim is simply to make every article a useful and/or entertaining read to everybody who visits the site; and I hope you’ll bookmark and keep visiting to see what new stuff comes up.

But I want to make sure everything is what you, the visitors, would find useful and interesting. So here at Technically Motivated, every article will have an open commenting system where you can say just how useful – or not – you found something we talked about, as well as bring up any interesting side notes. And we also have a Forum for more general discussions and to give ideas for future articles.

Now I have only just started setting up this site, which is why it’s so empty right now – bear with me while I get everything up to working order. But I hope you’ll visit again soon!

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